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Dynamic Image Analysis

Using Dynamic Image Analysis for Characterizing Irregularly Shaped Particles

For many years, particle size analyzers have produced results with the assumption that all measured particles are spherical. However, using a measurement that assumes all particles are spheres may not be adequate for a variety of applications where particle shapes are irregular. In many applications, the shape of raw material particles can affect both performance and quality of the end product. Automated image analysis provides a more accurate measurement of these particles.

The dynamic image technique looks at particles in motion, providing additional critical information. Besides particle size, numerous shape parameters are obtained. As the images are taken, statistical data for all measurement parameters are calculated and recorded. At the same time, thumbnail images of each particle are saved for post-analysis viewing and screening.

This presentation covers two classes of irregular particles, crystals and fibers, and the additional important information that dynamic image analysis can provide. Examples of real-world industrial applications are also discussed.