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LabDays 2017 - DENMARK

Title: LabDays 2017 - DENMARK
Date: 9/20/2017  - 9/21/2017

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Join Micromertics at LabDays 2017 - DENMARK

From the event website:

Welcome to  LabDays 2017
We, J.B. Exhibitions are happy to welcome you to the second version of the LabDays fair in Aarhus. At the premiere fair there were 79 exhibitors, and we already have 85 exhibitors on a stand area that is 20 % bigger than at the first fair in 2015. All experience has shown that there is a correlation between the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors; so the expectation is that LabDays 2017 from September 20th to 21st will beat all records. Enjoy and welcome to info about LabDays 2017 in Aarhus (Scandinavian Congress Center).


Scandanavian Congress Center



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