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App. Notes, Scientific Articles and Bibliography

Application Notes:

Scientific Articles


AutoPore Bibliographies of peer reviewed papers in search-able pdf format


This document is a bibliography of peer reviewed papers in which the AutoPore referenced. The list by no means represents a complete and exhaustive search of the literature, but represents those papers that are available from various sources on the Internet. This document is distributed in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file format, which allows easy searching by key words and phrases using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.

The lists were compiled for several reasons. New users of our products often ask for references to papers in which a researcher uses the same product to study the same or similar material as the new user intends to study. This document will satisfy that need.

Micromeritics Bibliography of Papers

Potential purchasers of our products want independent reassurance that the product under consideration is capable of performing the desired measurements. The ability to locate several research papers in which data from the same Micromeritics product is published provides objective reassurance of the product’s capability.