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AutoPore Software and Reports

Operating Software

The AutoPore offers various options for obtaining important sample information as quickly as possible and for presenting the data in a format which you can design. Analysis options include choice of analysis variables, equilibration techniques, and pressure points at which data are collected. After operating conditions for the instrument have been chosen, they can be stored as a template and then reapplied to other samples, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.

A selection of report options lets you customize many aspects of the data pages. You can select a specific range of data to be used in calculations; arrange columns of tabular data; select cumulative, incremental, or differential plots; scale the X-axis to display in either logarithmic or linear format for pore size; report actual or interpolated data; and select data presentation units such as psia or MPa, diameter or radius, and micrometers or Angstroms.

Data Reduction

The AutoPore IV generates tabular and graphical reports of percentage pore volume vs. diameter, and a summary report of percentage porosity in user-defined size ranges. The user has the ability to average several analyses and to use the ‘resulting average’ analysis as a reference with which to compare subsequent analyses. A standard, single, user-defined analysis may also be entered and used for subsequent comparisons. SPC reports are available with collected data or user-defined parameters. In addition to the standard data reduction methods, the AutoPore IV Series also provides the following:

  • Mayer-Stowe Particle Size - Reports equivalent spherical size distributions
  • Pore Tortuosity - Characterizes the efficiency of the diffusion of fluids through a porous material
  • Material Compressibility - Quantifies the collapse or compression of the sample material
  • Pore Number Fraction - Reports the number of pores in different size classes
  • Pore-throat Ratio - Reports the ratio of pore cavities to pore throats at each percent porosity filled value
  • Pore Fractal Dimensions - Quantifies the fractal geometry of a material
  • Permeability - Reports the ability of the sample to transmit fluid