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3 Flex Activated Carbon

High Resolution, High-throughput Surface Characterization Analyzer

Recognized as the most advanced instrument in the field for material surface characterization(1), 3Flex has become a crucial tool for providing accurate data to advance the fundamental understanding and theory of the porous, structural character influence in activated carbon performance.

Precise analytical tool for total surface area, extent of micro porosity and pore size distribution determinations

3Flex permits you to optimize your ideal, experimental parameters to acquire data important to the understanding of the textural characterization of activated carbon adsorbents and catalyst.Hard seal valves and connections of the 3Flex, permit fast attainment of low pressure, ultra-micropore resolution.

Evaluate the efficiency and effects of chemical or physical activation and impurity content influence

Break through barriers to turn theory into actual product design. Gain greater understanding of the physiochemical character of your activated carbon after modification and the influence of impurities on performance. Users can conveniently model the textural properties of their materials with MicroActive Software and 3Flex data.Enhanced data exchange with your team transforms experimental results into actionable product understanding and improvement.

Optimize your production methods to build process-strong activated carbon adsorbents

With 3Flex you obtain valuable data to provide insight on how to optimize and predict your activation process efficiency. Utilize the high throughput results ability of the 3-port mesopore and micropore analysis of the 3Flex, to gain rapid understanding of restrictions or boundaries that may influence or impede your process optimization.

1 Source: TechValidate TVID 645-C46-D86

3Flex empowers you.

Extend your understanding of the physiochemical character
and the effect of activation and temperature
to your activated carbon adsorbent.

Determine adsorption dynamics in regard to resident time for performance in fixed bed and flow through systems

Acquire valuable data for greater understanding of the influence of surface area and porosity on performance.

Gain valuable insight of structural and chemical heterogeneity influence on adsorption dynamics

Superior gas management, all metal seals and valve seats along with precise temperature control permit accurate and precise micropore measurements.

Evaluate temperature and chemical deactivation processes in regard to porosity and surface activity

3Flex provides the ability to analyze three samples with three different gas probes, one on each port, simultaneously to determine mesopore and micropore porosity as well as adsorption character.

Micromeritics 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer is a fully automated, three-station instrument capable of high-performance physisorption and chemisorption analyses with superior accuracy, resolution, and data reduction.

Available Models:

Flex Physisorption

The 3Flex is a high-performance instrument for mesopore and micropore analyses and delivers superior accuracy, resolution and data reduction. All analysis stations can be configured for micropore and are also available with krypton analysis for low surface area materials. A vapor sorption capability is also available.
A single 3Flex with its minimal footprint and three configurable analysis stations eliminates costly investment in multiple instruments and additional bench space. MORE

3Flex Chemisorption

Using the chemisorption option, researchers can obtain valuable information about the physical or chemical properties of catalysts, catalyst supports and a variety of other materials. This model can easily switch from chemisorption to physisorption in less than 3 minutes to provide advanced analyses on the active surface area of the sample material. MORE

3Flex TCD

The 3Flex TCD is our newest addition to the expanding capabilities of the 3Flex instrument family. Dynamic chemisorption analyses are available to the user with the addition of an integral thermal conductivity detector. This new feature allows the user to perform temperature programmed reduction (TPR), oxidation (TPO), desorption (TPD), and reduction reactions (TPRx). The 3Flex TCD also has an option for pulse chemisorption analyses which can be performed with manual injections or automatically with the optional injection loop. MORE


Cryostat I

A closed-cycle cryocooler based on the Gifford-McMahon (GM) refrigeration principle.

  • Probe the ultra-micro porosity of a MOF with an Argon ( 87K) gas probe.
  • Improve determination of the isosteric heat of adsorption through closely spaced temperature measurements and control.
  • Eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen and can cool and obtain temperatures below the 77K of liquid nitrogen.
  • Precise positioning to maintain accurate control temperature of sample tubes.

Cirrus 3 Mass Spectrometry »

Cirrus 3 offers the versatility of state-of the-art Microvision 2 quadrupole mass spectrometry in a convenient bench-top configuration.

  • Monitors multiple gas species over a wide dynamic range of compositions at atmospheric pressure.
  • Direct Ethernet interface - fully network compatible.
  • Recipe driven Process Eye™ Professional software for automated operation and calibration.
  • Silica capillary inlet heated to 150° C.

Obtain full spectrum porosity information from the ultra micropore
to macropore when combined with 3Flex analysis data

AutoPore® V,
Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry

Gain a better understanding of adsorbent and catalytic
potential with full spectrum porosity analysis.

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