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CE Declarations, ISO Certificate and Quality



At Micromeritics, quality and customer service continue to be our top priority. Micromeritics has gone to great lengths to achieve and maintain compliance with standards bodies such as CE and ISO. By maintaining industry standards and continually reevaluating our internal processes, we are able to produce a higher quality product for our customers and quickly adapt to changes in the industry.



We are dedicated to ongoing improvements and quality and customer satisfaction at all levels of our operations.

Certificate No: CERT-08804-2006-AQ-HOU-ANAB
Initial certification date: February 07,  1994
Valid: August 07, 2018 - August 07, 2021

  • CE Declarations of Conformity:

The CE mark was created by the European Union (EU) to unify the compliance standards of member countries. Provisions contained in various EU directives must be satisfied before a product can receive the CE mark. Products that do not qualify for the CE Mark may not be imported by member countries of the EU.

Micromeritics has been active in testing our products to meet the CE Mark directives.  All of the products listed below qualify for CE Mark certification.

Link to Instrument: Link to Declaration:
3Flex CE Declaration
AccuPyc 1340 CE Declaration 
ASAP 2020 CE Declaration
ASAP 2020 Plus CE Declaration
ASAP 2050 CE Declaration
ASAP 2420   CE Declaration
ASAP 2460 CE Declaration
AutoChem 2920 CE Declaration
AutoChem 2950 HP CE Declaration
AutoPore IV CE Declaration
AutoPore V CE Declaration
ChemiSorb 2750 CE Declaration
ChemiSorb 2720 CE Declaration
Elzone II 5390 CE Declaration
FlowSorb III CE Declaration
Gemini Series CE Declaration
GeoPyc 1365 CE Declaration
Saturn DigiSizer II CE Declaration

SediGraph 5120

CE Declaration
SediGraph III Plus CE Declaration

TriStar II 3020

CE Declaration

TriStar II Plus CE Declaration

Major Accessories:

FlowPrep 060 CE Declaration
MasterTech 052 CE Declaration
LN2 Transfer System
Model 021
CE Declaration

TPx 028 Data Aquisition
System for Chemi

CE Declaration
VacPrep 061 CE Declaration
Mercury QuikVac CE Declaration

Particulate Systems

MA-1040 Magetic Analyzer CE Declaration