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Jack G. Saad - Associate Scientist

Jack G. Saad

Jack G. Saad earned his ACS Certified BS Chem degree in chemistry from the University of Georgia.  As an undergraduate, he worked with a variety of tungsten compounds to induce photo-initiated polymerization of cyanoacrylate using specific wavelengths of visible light, an application used in the adhesive industry.  He began his career at Micromeritics Instrument Corp. as a particle size analyst for their contract laboratory service where he developed protocols to obtain particle size distributions using light scattering, x-ray sedimentation, and electro-zone sensing techniques.  Beginning in 2004, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry at Kiel Laboratories and Élan Pharmaceuticals as a laboratory analyst for seven years for raw materials testing, manufacturing support, research and development, and quality control.  He rejoined Micromeritics in July 2011 as a Particle Size Applications Specialist.  In this position, he is responsible for applications support for particle size instrumentation and conducting research on potential applications for instruments and techniques.



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Jack Saad, Ning Li, N.M. El Zahar, Erik R.E. van der Hage, Michael G. Bartlett. Alkylamine ion-pairing reagents and the chromatographic separation of oligonucleotides. Journal of Chromatography A
Volume 1580, 14 December 2018, Pages 110-119



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