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Electrical Sensing Zone Archived Webinar

Electrical Sensing Zone Webinar

Unlike many particle sizing techniques, electrical sensing zone (Coulter principle) data are unaffected by samples composed of particles having an assortment of optical properties, densities, and shapes. Size distribution is determined by analyzing, one at a time, each particle from a representative subset of the introduced sample quantity. This particle-by-particle analysis technique provides accurate particle count data and, when combined with Micromeritics’ precision volume metering option, provides accurate number concentration data. Micromeritics’ Elzone quickly and accurately determines the size, number, concentration, and mass of a wide variety of materials.


Elzone II 5390


The electrical sensing zone technique is applicable to a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications that include population distribution of cells for tissue cultures and for blood cell counting, determination of particle size which is critical for API and excipient dissolution, obtaining valuable information about trace particle contamination, and many more. The Elzone has been used for ensuring a proper blend prior to tableting with particle size and concentration data, and in development and quality control of the coating process for controlled release drugs.