Particle Sizing/CountingWater soluble samplesHow are water-soluble samples analyzed on the SediGraph?/Library/FAQs/Water-Soluble-Samples.aspx
Mercury PorosimetryConsumption of mercuryHow can I minimize the quantity of mercury consumed by the mercury porosimeter?/Library/FAQs/Consumption-of-Mercury.aspx
Physical AdsorptionRefilling the dewar during analysisHow can the dewar on the Gemini be refilled during a long analysis?/Library/FAQs/Refilling-the-Dewar.aspx
Particle Sizing/CountingDispersing SamplesHow do I confirm before analysis that the proper liquid has been selected for the sample?/Library/FAQs/Dispersing-Samples.aspx
Physical AdsorptionWhen to measure free spaceHow do I know when to enter a value for free space, or have the free space measured?/Library/FAQs/When-to-Measure-Free-Space.aspx
Particle Sizing/CountingParticle size distributions of magnetized particlesHow does one determine the particle size distribution of magnetic particles?/Library/FAQs/Particle-Size-Distributions.aspx
Physical AdsorptionTransferring sample from degas port to analysis portHow is a sample moved from the degas port to the analysis port without incurring contamination?/Library/FAQs/Transferring-Sample-from-Degas-Port.aspx
PycnometrySample SizeI need an instrument to measure accurately the volume of small parts; can the AccuPyc 1330 do this? What are the size and shape restrictions on the sample?/Library/FAQs/Size-and-Shape-Restrictions.aspx
Physical AdsorptionMicropore plots and their meaningsIn the micropore program, what are the differences between the data reduction methods? What plots are recommended, cumulative or differential?/Library/FAQs/Micropore-Plots.aspx
Physical AdsorptionMeaning of "Analysis Conditions Modified During Analysis"The statement, "Analysis Conditions Modified During Analysis" sometimes appears on the report. What does this mean?/Library/FAQs/Analysis-Conditions-Modified-During-Analysis.aspx
Mercury PorosimetryMeaning of intrusion curveWhat does the intrusion versus diameter curve indicate to me about my sample?/Library/FAQs/Meaning-of-Intrusion-Curve.aspx
PycnometryEquilibration rateWhat is "equilibration rate" and how do I optimize the parameter on the AccuPyc 1330?/Library/FAQs/Equilibration-Rate.aspx
PycnometryDensity and Specific GravityWhat is the difference between density (as measured by the pycnometers) and specific gravity?/Library/FAQs/Density-vs-Specific-Gravity.aspx
Physical AdsorptionDifferences between surface preparation by vacuum, flowing gas, and heat.What is the difference between preparing sample surfaces by vacuum drying, and flowing gas with or without heat?/Library/FAQs/Differences-Between-Surface-Preparation.aspx
Particle Sizing/CountingEntering the correct particle density valueWhat is the effect of having a minor error in the entered value of particle density?/Library/FAQs/Correct-Particle-Density-Value.aspx
Chemical AdsorptionHeat of AdsorptionWhat is the heat of adsorption and can it be determined with the ASAP 2010-C? If so, how?/Library/FAQs/Heat-of-Adsorption.aspx
Physical AdsorptionSample surface preparation when the sample molecules themselves contain water.What is the most effective method of degassing samples that contain water molecules in their crystal latice (not adsorbed water)?/Library/FAQs/Sample-Surface-Preparation-.aspx
Mercury PorosimetryRequired Purity of MercuryWhat purity of mercury is required for the mercury porosimeters?/Library/FAQs/Required-Purity-of-Mercury.aspx
Physical AdsorptionMicropore definitionWhat size range defines a micropore?/Library/FAQs/Micropore-Definition.aspx
Mercury PorosimetryExtrusion curve dropping below intrusion curveWhat would cause the extrusion curve near maximum pressure on a mercury porosimetry analysis to drop below the intrusion curve?/Library/FAQs/Extrusion-Curve-Dropping-Below-Intrusion-Curve.aspx
Chemical AdsorptionPulse chemisorption peaksWhen examining the results of a pulse chemisorption analysis provided by your MAL, I noticed that the last three peaks are exactly the same size. Previous peaks differ in size. Why do these peaks appear to be identical? Did the gas bypass the sample?/Library/FAQs/Pulse-Chemisorption-Peaks.aspx
Chemical AdsorptionRepeat analysesWhy is a repeat analysis necessary when doing a chemisorption analysis?/Library/FAQs/Repeat-Analyses.aspx