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USP - U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention

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USP - U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention for Micromeritics

Clicking the links below will open a new browser window to the standard on USP.org. 

USP <267> Porosimetry for Mercury Intrusion

USP <429> Laser Diffraction Method of Particle Size

USP <699> Density of Solids - Gas Pycnometry

USP <788> Particulate Matter in Injections

USP <789> Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions

USP <846> Specific Surface Area

USP <1241> Water Solid Interactions in pharmaceutical Systems



ASTM Test Methods   

ASTM Test Methods appropriate for Micromeritics and Particulate Systems Instruments

Bibliography of Papers   

Approximately 10,000 peer reviewed papers in which one or more Micromeritics products are referenced.

DFT / NLDFT Density Functional Theory   

Facts about the development of DFT


A sortable database of Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms   

Glossary of Terms


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