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From leading products to industry experts, Micromeritics helps open new horizons in Material Characterization.

Meaningful measurements and analyses that provide accurate and reproducible data are built on basic understanding and in-depth application know-how.

Micromeritics’ webinars teach you how to understand analytical data better and maximize its value, to speed up timelines, to increase efficiency and to optimize performance and productivity. They cover a range of industrially vital topics providing new insights into catalyst characterization, particle sizing, gas adsorption – physisorption and chemisorption - and others. Refresh or enhance your material characterization knowledge to analyze and optimize your products and workflows and lay the foundation for innovation.

Our one- and two-hour events are a convenient way to keep your scientific knowledge up to date on the latest technologies and solutions for a wide range of industries.

Learn more about our webinars and register today!

Webinars Date Links
Working with Powders: How Comprehensive Characterisation can Optimise your Process 04/28/2020 Recording
Texture Of Heterogenous Catalysts: Surface Area and Porosity 05/05/2020 Recording
Understanding Surface Area Measurements 05/12/2020 Recording
Active Area of Heterogeneous Catalysts: Chemisorption and Temperature Programmed Methods 05/19/2020 Recording
Characterization Tools for Evaluating Polymer Powders for Laser Sintering 06/02/2020 Recording
The Particle Size Paradox 06/09/2020 Recording
Powder Flow – An Industrial Perspective on the Need to Turn “Art” into “Science” 06/17/2020 Recording
Gas Sorption Characterization of MOFs 06/23/2020 Recording
Powder Flow Enhancement in Batch and Continuous Processes 06/30/2020 Recording
Smart and Programmable Sponges from Design and Synthesis to Implementation 07/07/2020 Recording
Frontiers in Catalysis Design for Sustainable Technologies 07/16/2020 Recording
Carbons, Zeolites and Molecular Sieves 07/28/2020 Recording
Powder Characterization – Uniaxial Powder Testing for Optimizing High Shear Wet Granulation 09/24/2020 Recording
Structured Catalysts and Reactors for the Transformation of CO2 to Useful Chemicals 10/06/2020 Recording
Powder Characterization – In-line Measurement of Powder Properties using Drag Force Flow Sensors 11/03/2020 Recording
Building Robust Pharma Physical Properties Analysis 11/10/2020 Recording

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