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32nd German Zeolite Conference

Title: 32nd German Zeolite Conference - Germany
Date: 3/25/2020  - 3/27/2020

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32nd German Zeolite Conference 

Zeolites and other porous materials are the focus of the 32nd German Zeolite Conference, where scientists discuss new results from synthesis to characterization to industrial application. In addition to the zeolites, the program also includes micro- and mesoporous materials such as porous oxides, porous carbons, organometallic framework compounds and also porous polymers. Contributions to all aspects of these materials are welcome:

  • Synthetic concepts
  • Characterization procedures including computational methods
  • Industrial application of porous materials
  • New fields of application

Leibniz University


Hanover, Germany

Link to the Event: https://processnet.org/DZT32.html