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A Comprehensive Seminar on Powder Characterization

Title: A Comprehensive Seminar on Powder Characterization - Sunnyvale, CA
Date: 5/02/2019  - 5/02/2019

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***Registration has reached capacity limit and is now closed. However, the Newport Beach seminar is still open for registrations.***

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A Comprehensive Seminar on Powder Characterization
Sunnyvale, CA

2nd of 2 California Seminars
The event will be held on 
May 02, 2019
 Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel »
1100 North Mathilda Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA
+1 408-745-6000

This full-day seminar will focus on the utilization of these technologies to solve problems, advance product quality and development, and to gain competitive advantages in the rapidly ever-evolving fields of 

  • Additive Manufacturing – we have proven technologies which can solve blend, formulation, and product consistency issues

  • Battery / Fuel Cell Research – comprehensive particle size, shape, and rheology (flow-ability) are essential for optimal performance , lifetime, and quality

  • Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology – including a special focus on injectables, lyophilized cakes, tableting, and on the often obscure but incredibly powerful “powder rheology” method.

  • Materials Science – including nanoporous materials (MOF’s , zeolites, graphene, etc), ceramics, metal powders, etc.

  • Food / Cosmetics / Nutraceuticals – product quality, stability, as well as storage/packaging characteristics can be enhanced by knowledge of detailed powder characteristics. 

If you want to learn more about the new methods and instruments available for to further understanding of in these and related areas of activity – you will not want to miss this free seminar !

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The seminar will focus on four main areas:

Session 1
Part 1:
Comprehensive Treatment of The Core Methodologies in Size and Shape : Principal Methods Compared and Contrasted (DLS, SLS, Optical, Sedimentation, Electric Sensing Zone)

Part 2:
Applied Particle Testing – Stability Studies

Session 2
External Morphology and Elemental Characterization of solids by Desktop SEM-EDS
Session 3
Powder Rheology – The FT4 Powder Rheometer - a universal powder flow tester for measuring powder flow properties and powder behavior.
Session 4  
Parallel Sessions:

Group 1: SEM hands-on demonstration.  Registration required .  Details provided on registration.

Group 2: Optional Porometry Session

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Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel


Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Link to the Event: Link to Registration Form