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APCAT-8 2019

Title: 8th APCAT - Thailand
Date: 8/04/2019  - 8/07/2019

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"A Breakthrough in Catalysis Toward Efficiency and Sustainable Future"

8th Asia-Pacific Congress in Catalysis (APCAT)
Micromeritics and distributor, IDI (Thailand) to exhibit.

From the event website:

The scientific theme of APCAT encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, including state-of-the-art and recent trend in different catalysis research areas which will be covered through plenary and keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations. Catalysis plays a significant role in providing a better quality of life, contributing to the economy directly and indirectly. It is the innovative processes and products developed by research that facilitate and enable improvements in the quality of life, and it is the meeting of minds brought about by conferences such as the 8th APCAT that provide the opportunities, the inspiration, collaborations and networks that aid in the commercialization of new processes, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and materials.

IDI Thailand Co., Ltd.
7/129 Central Pinklao Office Tower A Room 1601B,
16Fl, Baromrachachonnanee Rd
Bangkok Noi, Thailand
ATTN: Mr.Lekanart Weerakowit
Phone: +66 2884 5828-30 Fax: +66 2884 5831
Email: micromeritics@idithailand.com
Website: http://www.idithailand.com/


Bangkok Convention Centre


Bangkok, Thailand

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