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Heterogeneous Catalysts for Sustainable Industry -

Title: Workshop - Heterogeneous Catalysts for Sustainable Industry - United Kingdom
Date: 11/25/2019  - 11/25/2019

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This workshop, a collaboration between industrial and academic minded scientists, is aimed at providing a platform for new scientists to learn more about heterogeneous catalysts and surface reactivity and for more experienced scientists to look to future possibilities.

From the event website:

Catalysis is a key enabling technology for achieving efficient and more sustainable utilization of resources as well as being crucial to the UK economy. It provides lower energy processes, reduced waste and pollution and improved selectivity in making added-value products for all sectors. About 90% of all chemical processes use catalysts with the estimated economic impact of said processes at 30–40% global GDP.


Johnson Matthey


Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry, Applied Catalysis Group



Burlington House


London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

Link to the Event: Learn more at the event website