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Addition to Stimulus Plan

Addition to Micromeritics Limited-Time Stimulus Plan for its USA Customers - 5/15/2009

Besides being a leading materials characterization instrument manufacturer, Micromeritics also operates Micromeritics Analytical Services (MAS) which provides sample analysis on a contract basis. MAS performs a variety of material physical characteristics measurements, in each case using the instrument most appropriate for the sample type. For example, eight different analytical techniques are available just for measuring particle size. From now until October 1, 2009, 50% of expenditures with the MAS can be applied toward the purchase of a new Micromeritics instrument (up to 20% of the purchase price).


A number of additional stimulus options are available. If you are a first-time purchaser of Micromeritics products, you may purchase any of their broad line of surface area, porosimetry, density, particle size, or chemisorption instruments with deferred payments - no payment or interest for twelve months.


As another offering in the stimulus package, Micromeritics has also established a gas adsorption, surface area / porosity analyzer trade-in program. The company will accept your existing instrument, regardless of manufacturer, as partial payment (up to 50% of the purchase price) toward any new Micromeritics physisorption product.


As a fourth option, USA academic institutions can now purchase a materials characterization instrument without service worries. The company is offering a five-year parts-and-labor service agreement to universities purchasing any Micromeritics instrument.


All sales are subject to full USA list prices. No two offers can be used in the same purchase. These offers will only exist for a limited time.


For more information or to place an order:

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