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Customer Advocacy Council Press Release

Customer Advocacy Council to Improve Customer Experience - 6/04/2009

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation is known worldwide for it's superior products, services and support. Now we are pleased to announce the introduction of a Customer Advocacy Council. This council will champion the cause of any Micromeritics customer who believes the level of service and support they receive does not meet their expectations. The purpose is to ensure we give clear voice to our customers in those infrequent occasions where we may miss the mark.

This "Voice of the Customer" council will function independently of standard business operations and has a mandate to ensure we have done everything possible to provide an overwhelmingly positive experience to 100% of our customers. When problems arise, our Council is empowered to not only resolve the issue, but to examine our business processes in order to ensure any systematic problems will be addressed.

We are looking forward to working with, and on behalf of, our customers and strengthening the customer-focused culture throughout Micromeritics. You may reach our Customer Advocacy Council by clicking on Customer Advocacy Council on the Contact Us page. Should you need to contact us, please provide as much information as possible in order that we may be prepared to discuss your issue.