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Elzone II for Grass Carp Certification

Micromeritics’ Elzone II – An Essential Inspection and Certification Tool for Grass Carp Producers - 2/09/2009

The grass carp, a large herbivorous minnow from lowland rivers of eastern, is considered an attractive long-term solution to control the over-growth of submersed aquatic plants. Because using grass carp to control aquatic vegetation is inexpensive and longer term compared to other techniques, there is widespread interest in expanding its use. Grass carp, like most fish, are diploid. They possess two sets of chromosomes (one from each parent) and are capable of sexual reproduction. The potential of the diploid grass carp to naturally reproduce, and eventually over-populate ponds, caused considerable controversy over its use as a biological control agent. This risk eventually led to the development of a method for the production of non-reproductive, triploid grass carp, that have three sets of chromosomes and are incapable of normal sexual reproduction and the production of viable offspring. Concern exists, however, that induced polyploidy could result in a small percentage of some reproductive grass carp. The United States Fish and Wildlife Department has required anyone that produces and sells grass carp to perform inspection and 100% triploid certification to ensure that the grass carp are, in fact, non-reproductive. Triploidy must be verified prior to stocking. This is done by measuring the volume of the nucleus of a red blood cell after the cell membrane has been chemically removed. The only way to accomplish this is with the ‘electrical sensing zone’ method (the analytical technique accepted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department as well as other global agencies).



 Micromeritics’ Elzone II 5390 particle and cell size/count analyzer utilizes the ‘electrical sensing zone’ method (also known as the Coulter Principle) to determine the size, number, concentration, and mass of a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. The Elzone II is the perfect inspection tool to quickly differentiate diploid from triploid grass carp. Fast analysis and low noise features have been designed into the Elzone II to specifically meet the needs of the grass carp industry. A real-time pulse display with automated cursors clearly distinguishes ploidy. Live histograms are also included.


Elzone II 5390 for Grass Carp Certification: Power point presentation