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PhysiView Calc Press Release

Free Physical Adsorption Interactive Software Tool - 7/01/2009

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has released a free, interactive software tool for extracting information from a physical adsorption isotherm. The software, called Physi ViewCalc reads the isotherm data from a Microsoft Excel spread sheet, performs data analysis, and reports the results in a user-specified format. The interactive nature of the software allows calculation parameters to be changed and the results of those changes to be immediately displayed. The software can be used not only as a quick way to determine, for example, the best data fit for obtaining BET surface area, but also serves as a teaching tool to illustrate in real time how various parameters affect results. 


The Physi ViewCalc tool enables the user to import, enter, or copy and paste isotherm data into the Excel spreadsheet, then generate the desired reports. Reports include linear and log plots of isotherm data, graphical overlays of up to five additional data sets, BET surface area with C-value, Langmuir surface area, and t-plot calculations using any of a selection of thickness curves. The program also includes extensive help files supporting all of the program’s functions.


The program features open source code, therefore the user may add functions or modify existing functions to suit specific needs. What’s more, the user is encouraged to distribute copies to colleagues. The latest version of the software can be downloaded for free at http://www.micromeritics.com/Library/Freeware-Software/Physi-ViewCalc-Home-Page.aspx.