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Instrument Training Schedule 2006

Instrument Training Schedule 2006 - 3/01/2006

Training is provided for most Micromeritics instrumentation at the time of installation. This training presents all the information required for a new operator to quickly begin proficient operation. However, in some cases where personnel changes occur or more in-depth information is required, additional training is helpful. In response to this need, Micromeritics conducts operator training for many of our instruments. These courses are presented in the Training Center at our headquarters in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. If you operate our instruments or supervise people who operate them, these training courses are what you need to help you become an expert. Whether you are new to our instruments or an experienced operator, you will find a wealth of information and insight into Micromeritics instrument operation. The foundation established by these courses provides a platform on which you can continue to build in the years to come. The Micromeritics Training Center is dedicated to providing information, course work, and hands-on training of practical value to scientists, researchers, lab managers, and technicians in the business of materials analysis. To view a description of our updated course offerings, see our Course Detail page.