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Limited-Time Stimulus Plan for European Customers

Micromeritics Announces a Limited-Time Stimulus Plan for our European Customers - 10/06/2009

In the current economic environment, both academic institutions and industrial users of Micromeritics products may find it difficult to acquire new or replacement instrumentation. As a result, Micromeritics is offering a limited-time stimulus package to customers who are served by our direct offices in Europe.

A number of stimulus options are available. If you are a first-time purchaser of Micromeritics products, the company will offer you any of our broad line of gas adsorption, porosimetry, density, particle size, or chemisorption instruments with deferred payment plans - no payments or interest for six months.

We are also offering a trade-in program. Trade-in your old Micromeritics or competitive instrument for up to 50% credit toward a purchase of a new Micromeritics instrument of the same type.

In addition, Micromeritics instruments purchased under the European Stimulus plan will qualify for our standard 12-month limited warranty and an additional free 24-month parts and labor extended service agreement.

Contact your local Micromeritics direct office representative for details.