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Nanoporous Materials VI International Symposium

Micromeritics Chairing Session and Presenting a Technical Paper at the Nanoporous Materials VI International Symposium in Banff, Alberta, Canada, August 21 – 24 - 8/18/2011

On August 21 – 24, Nanoporous Materials VI will be held at the Banff Park Lodge, Banff, Alberta, Canada. This international symposium will bring together investigators from multiple disciplines to discuss complementary approaches and recent advances in all aspects of nanoporous materials research. Material design, synthesis, modifications, characterization, and applications will all be explored in the oral and technical poster sessions. Materials of interest include periodic mesoporous materials, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), clays and layered double hydroxides, carbon molecular sieves, sol-gel and imprinted inorganic or polymeric materials, and porous polymers.
In business since 1962, Micromeritics has been a contributor to the characterization of nanoporous materials. The company has provided materials characterization instrumentation and applications support to most of the world's top industrial companies and academic institutions for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control applications. Micromeritics scientist, Jacek Jagiello, will co-chair a technical session and deliver an oral presentation.
Oral Session:
Tuesday, August 23
Session B: Applications of Nanoporous Materials: Adsorption and Separation   10:10 – 11:50
Chairs: Mietek Jaroniec and Jacek Jagiello
10:10 – 10:30  High-resolution Pore Size Analysis of Nanoporous Materials Including Carbon Molecular Sieves Using NLDFT Models for Super and Sub and Critical Adsorption of Ar, H2 and Ne;
                                    Jacek Jagiello and Jeff Kenvin
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