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Micromeritics Gives Presentations at FOA 2010

Micromeritics Gives Series of Presentations at Fundamentals of Adsorption Conference in Hyogo, Japan May 23-28, 2010, Followed by a One-day Workshop on May 31 Presented in Conjunction with Shimadzu Corporation at the Shimadzu Sanjo Works in Kyoto - 4/29/2010

On May 23 – 28, 2010, the 10th International Conference on Fundamentals of Adsorption (FOA10) will be held at the Awaji Yumebutai (Dream Stage) International Conference Center coupled with the Westin Resort Hotel, Hyogo, Japan. Since 1983, the FOA conference has fostered an international exchange between scientists and engineers of all disciplines - academia and industry, novices and experts - in the field of adsorption. The conference covers recent advances in all aspects of adsorption from fundamentals to applications. In addition, FOA10 will encourage development and understanding of the unique category of porous material, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) or Porous Coordination Polymers (PCPs), which exhibit novel adsorption behaviors with potential applications.

In business since 1962, Micromeritics has been a major contributor to the science of adsorption. The company has provided materials characterization instrumentation and applications support to most of the world's top industrial companies and academic institutions for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control applications. Micromeritics scientists (Jacek Jagiello, James P. Olivier, and Jeff Kenvin) will participate in a number of presentations at FOA10. In addition, the company is sponsoring a hospitality mixer on Tuesday night, May 25.

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FOA10 Scientific Program

Oral Sessions: Tuesday, May 25 16:20 Session T4: Characterization of Porous Materials Two-Dimensional Models of Adsorption in Finite Pores of Porous Carbons. Density Functional Theory Approach.; Jacek Jagiello and James P. Olivier

Friday, May 28 12:00 Plenary F2: Industrial On Free Energy, Enthalpy, and Entropy to Assess Surface Area; Jeffrey Kenvin

Posters: Monday, May 24 Poster Session 1 Molecular Modeling in Adsorption P24-52 Characteristics of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Functionalized SBA-15 Silica; Arnost Zukal, Jacek Jagiello, Jana Mayerova, and Jiri Cejka

P24-54 Adsorption of Simple Gases in Finite-Size Pores; Lucyna Firlej, Bogdan Kuchta and Jacek Jagiello

Tuesday, May 25 20:40 Hospitality Micromeritics Night at Room 405

Micromeritics/Shimadzu Workshop Micromeritics, in conjunction with Shimadzu Corporation, will also be presenting a one-day workshop on Monday, May 31, 2010 at the Shimazu Sanjo Works in nearby Kyoto, Japan. A number of materials characterization techniques will be discussed to include Physical Adsorption and Density Functional Theory, Vapor Adsorption, Static Chemisorption, Mercury Porosimetry, Gas Pycnometry, and Particle Size. Click here to register for this informative workshop.