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Micromeritics’ New ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer

Micromeritics’ New ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer - 12/11/2007

The ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer is an easy-to-use instrument capable of collecting physisorption data in an elevated-pressure environment. While retaining many design elements of Micromeritics’ popular ASAP 2020, the ASAP 2050 analysis manifold is equipped with a pressure transducer capable of operating from vacuum to 10 atmospheres.

The instrument is particularly well suited for fuel cell, hydrogen storage, and pressure swing adsorption research applications. Two independent vacuum systems allow simultaneous preparation of two samples and analysis of another. Sample preparation and analysis can occur concurrently without interruption and without the risk of cross-contamination. An optional chiller Dewar and recirculating bath allow the ASAP 2050 to be operated indefinitely.

The instrument also supports the use of a standard Dewar with cryogen (typically liquid nitrogen or argon) that will provide at least 50 hours of unattended analysis without refilling the Dewar. Custom straight-walled, stainless-steel sample tubes are capable of safely withstanding temperatures and pressures well beyond the system’s specifications. The evacuation criteria and temperature profile for each ASAP 2050 sample preparation port can be programmed to incorporate specific vacuum targets and custom ramp rates with temperature plateaus. The temperature and rate of temperature change can be set and monitored individually and controlled from a few degrees above ambient to 450 °C. A user specified pressure setting protects the sample from steaming or damage during sample preparation. Special degas heating mantles can be used to prepare samples in situ on the analysis port prior to analysis.

 In addition to controlling the instrument’s operation, powerful Windows® software also reduces the raw data collected during the analysis. An interactive reporting system includes an extremely versatile graphic user interface for custom presentation of results. The standard ASAP 2050 system offers a wide variety of reports, including DFT / NLDFT (Density Functional Theory / Non Linear Density Functional Theory) and isotherm cycling.

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