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Micromeritics New ASAP 2420 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System

Micromeritics New ASAP 2420 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System - 10/18/2005

The new ASAP 2420 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System is designed for high-performance/high sample throughput. With six independently operated preparation and analysis ports, a new analysis can begin as soon as another is finished. This provides an important advantage over many multi-port instruments that require all samples to be prepared or analyzed at the same time. A key, standard feature of the ASAP 2420 is a programmable and fully automated sample preparation module with twelve independently operated ports. Samples may be added or removed from degas ports without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation or analysis. The evacuation criteria and temperature profile for each port can be programmed to incorporate specific vacuum targets and up to six custom ramp rates with temperature plateaus. The temperature and rate of temperature change can be set and monitored individually and controlled from a few degrees above ambient to 450 °C. These vacuum and temperature controls assure that fine, low-density materials are not drawn into the vacuum system and that the sample does not undergo thermal alteration during the preparation process. The preparation parameters can be incorporated in reports. A library of preparation protocols can be created and applied as appropriate. The instrument can perform an extended analysis before refilling the Dewar, a necessity for obtaining high-resolution adsorption/desorption isotherms that take a long time to complete. The long-duration Dewars and Isothermal jackets assure a constant thermal profile along the length of both the sample and the saturation pressure (P0) tubes throughout extended analyses. The P0 value may be entered, or measured either continuously or at selected intervals. The ability to measure P0 continuously over the sample ensures accurate and consistent results with minimal error. In addition to controlling the instrument’s operation, powerful Windows® software also reduces the raw data collected during the analysis. The reduced data can be reviewed or printed in a variety of easy-to-interpret tabular and graphical reports. The ASAP 2420 is also available with a low surface area option that uses krypton as an adsorbate to measure surface areas of 5 m² or less.