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Micromeritics Offers Advanced Training in 2011

Micromeritics Offers a New Series of Advanced Training Courses in 2011 - 12/23/2010

In 2011, Micromeritics University is excited to add a new series of Advanced Training Courses to its standard training program. Offered as one-to-two day sessions that can be taken as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with a relevant instrument training course, these courses are excellent options for those looking to achieve a greater depth of understanding in the analytical capability of their Micromeritics instrument. Advanced courses will be conducted by a member of Micromeritics Scientific Services staff  and contain a thorough examination of each topic in a classroom environment. While there are no prerequisites, attendees should either come with a basic understanding of their instrument and its daily operation, or take the standard instrument training course prior to the advanced course. Contact us to register or for more information.

Class dates and topics covered include: 


Micromeritics Scientific Services Staff