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Particle Size Analyzer donated to Univ. of Tenn.

Micromeritics Presents the College of Pharmacy, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, with a Distinguished Pharmaceutical Education Support Donation - 11/25/2008

Micromeritics recently announced a Distinguished Pharmaceutical Education Support Donation to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis campus. This donation of a Saturn DigiSizer High Resolution Particle Size Analyzer will not only be used to train graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, but also will be used for postgraduate programs to train personnel from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and excipient companies from all over the world.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center,  (UTHSC) is the flagship statewide academic health system with six colleges: Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. With major campuses in Memphis (main location), Knoxville and Chattanooga, UTHSC includes a large complex of educational programs, research activities and services needed for instruction of future health professionals and biomedical scientists. The UT College of Pharmacy is actively involved in the training of future pharmaceutical scientists since there is currently an acute shortage of qualified and trained scientists in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of preformulation, development and optimization of drug delivery systems, and quality control.

The College of Pharmacy has initiated an innovative program to attract pharmacy students into its Ph.D. program. This is an integrated Pharm.D./Ph.D. Dual-Degree Program that permits the students to complete four summers of research and approximately 50 hours of graduate course credit while they are in the Pharm.D. program. The faculty currently offers 7 required undergraduate courses to the first and second year Pharm.D. students and 19 graduate-level courses. A total of 5 graduate courses are in the area of Preformulation, Formulation and Development of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, and Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. In addition to these courses, the department also offers 3 courses entitled "Introductory Research Techniques in Pharmaceutics" to the advanced undergraduate Pharm.D. students.

The department offers two types of postgraduate training programs to personnel from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and excipient companies. The first course, entitled “Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology,” is offered 3 times a year to approximately 130 to 150 participants from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This “hands-on” postgraduate course focuses on various aspects of formulating and developing tablets. A second course, entitled “The Basic Industrial Course in the Preparation of Parenteral Medications,” discusses both the theoretical and practical aspects of manufacturing of parenteral products including lyophilized products and includes 20 hours of hands-on instruction. The course is offered 5 times a year and attended by approximately 100 to 120 participants.

According to Dr. Atul Shukla and Dr. James Johnson, “We believe that since we are an educational institution, and since there is a great need for adequately trained personnel in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, our college can provide an ideal setting for training of our students as well as the training of personnel from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in an academic environment, with state-of-the-art equipment.” Micromeritics is proud to be a part of this worthy program with its Distinguished Pharmaceutical Education Support Donation of a Saturn DigiSizer High Resolution Laser Particle Size Analyzer.

More information on the “Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology” can be found at www.tabcourse.com.