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Micromeritics Releases Six New NLDFT Models

Micromeritics Releases Six New NLDFT-Based Models for Characterization of Carbon and Zeolites - 1/06/2011

Non-Linear Density Functional Theory
Micromeritics maintains its scientific commitment to innovation in the area of gas adsorption technologies by introducing a series of six new NLDFT models. Four models provide researchers with additional options for characterizing single wall or multi-wall carbon nanotubes. These new models allow nanotubes to be characterized with NLDFT for argon adsorption isotherms at 87 K or nitrogen adsorption isotherms at 77 K. Two additional zeolite characterization models for argon adsorption isotherms are measured at 77 K. These new kernels allow for characterization of zeolites with either hydrogen/ammonium cations or zeolites with alkaline metal (Na, Ca, K, etc.) cations.

For more than two decades, Micromeritics has provided software enabling users to routinely analyze experimental adsorption isotherms to characterize porous materials using methods based on modern theoretical physical chemistry. The scientific and modeling contributions of J. Jagiello, J.P. Olivier, and W.B. Conklin have allowed Micromeritics to provide its users with the largest DFT/NLDFT library commercially available.