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Micromeritics Scientist Presenting Poster

Micromeritics Scientist Presenting Poster at the PDA Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany - 9/06/2013

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The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Conference takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany, September 24 – 25, 2013. Attendees to this conference include regulators, development, production, and validation professionals who will have an opportunity to network and get updated information on current and emerging technology and regulations. In addition to regulatory, process, and technology information, highlights include aspects of development associated with freeze drying, implementation of new monitoring methods, and procedures to assure product quality and stability.

Myke Scoggins, a Micromeritics scientist, will be presenting a poster on the company’s ability to make surface area measurements on intact lyophilized cakes utilizing a special lyophilization vial holder. He will be available to discuss his findings that measuring intact cakes gives a better representation of the true surface area of these type samples. To date, surface area measurement of lyophilized samples required sample manipulation that effectively alters the sample prior to analysis, resulting in a higher surface area than that of an intact cake. BET surface area measurements generated by the gas adsorption analytical technique can be used to determine shrinkage, collapse, and optimal cooling/drying rates as indicators for product performance and manufacturing process optimization.