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Jeffrey Kenvin and Jacek Jagiello Publish Article

Micromeritics Scientists Highlights Unified Method in ACS Publications. - 2/24/2015

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Unified Method for the Total Pore Volume and Pore Size Distribution of Hierarchical Zeolites from Argon Adsorption and Mercury Intrusion

A scientific article by Micromeritics  Jeffrey Kenvin and Jacek Jagiello highlighting a unified method for the total pore volume and pore size distribution of hierarchical zeolites from argon adsorption and mercury intrusion was published in Langmuir. The journal article covers a generalized approach to determine the complete distribution of macropores, mesopores, and micropores from argon adsorption and mercury porosimetry is developed and validated for advanced zeolite catalysts with hierarchically structured pore systems in powder and shaped forms.

Highlights of the article include:

  • A unified approach of simple overlays from individual techniques.
  • Cumulative pore area and distribution obtained with a single full-range pore size distribution 
  • Overview of bridging the data analysis of two primary characterization tools

Link to abstract on the ACS website