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Micromeritics Shanghai Ltd. Receives Nomination

Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd. Receives Honor from the Organizers of the 2012 Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments - 3/23/2012

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Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd. has recently been nominated by the organizers of the Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) as one of the twenty “Most Influential Foreign Instrument Manufacturers in China” for 2011.

The ACCSI 2012 is hosted by the China Instrument Manufacturers Association, China Instrument Society Analytical Instrument Society (CISAIS), China Association for Instrument Analysis (CAIA), and instrument.com.cn. CAIA, supported by the China Ministry of Science and Technology, is a nationwide professional association of institutes and other organizations for instrumental analysis and related fields. Instrument.com.cn, founded in 1999, is the largest website in China focusing on the Chinese analytical instrument market.

Holding its 6th annual conference, ACCSI 2012 is a high level Chinese industry summit boasting attendance of government officials, researchers and scientific experts, analytical instrument manufacturers and customers. Its purpose is to facilitate a discussion providing useful information to decision-makers that includes a comprehensive summary of the 2011 Chinese analytical instrument market and an outlook for 2012.

Micromeritics began selling its products in China in the late 1970s. The company formed its own representative office in 1987. With a continuous growth in material characterization instrument sales, Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd. was incorporated as a full service import/export company in April, 2011. The company is proud to accept this recognition from the ACCSI.