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Micromeritics Tony Thornton Receives ASTM 2004 Award of Merit

Micromeritics Tony Thornton Receives ASTM 2004 Award of Merit - 6/15/2004

At a recent ASTM committee meeting in Fort Lauderdale on April 27, Tony Thornton, Senior Scientist at Micromeritics received the ASTM Award of Merit for outstanding technical contributions to and masterful leadership of Committees B09 on Metal Powders and Metal Powder Products, and E29 on Particle and Spray Characterization. He has actively and productively participated in several ASTM committees for more than 16 years. The committee states that "As Committee B09 Secretary for more than eight years, Tony Thornton's accurate and timely minutes have kept the committee on track through many complex standard proposals and revisions. In addition to his work in B09, his enthusiastic efforts were instrumental in the resurgence and current vitality of Committee E29. He continues to lead and advise that committee as Past Chairman and in other leadership positions. Tony’s technical efforts in Committee E29 have brought order to the sometimes -chaotic world of powder particle size measurement, particularly in the reporting of measurement results." He has also served as liaison among Committees B09, E29, C21, and C28 all dealing in some capacity with analysis of powder materials, his area of expertise. He has ensured that the standards written by all these committees are technically similar, though dealing with different classes of materials. Tony has conducted and spoken at numerous technical seminars on powder characterization techniques, imparting information that serves as the basis for ASTM standard test methods and revisions. This information extends to the international arena, serving also as input to ISO standards based on the ASTM versions.