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Particle Partners To Attend ACS in Atlanta

Particle Partners To Attend ACS in Atlanta - 3/09/2006

Located in booth 331, the exhibit is a joint presentation of Micromeritics Analytical Services (MAS) and MVA Scientific Consultants. The two companies formed a strategic alliance in 2005 to offer additional capabilities that address the special needs of their respective clients. ACS attendees with questions relating to particle analysis and particle characterization are encouraged to visit the booth. The American Chemical Society (ACS) is the world's largest scientific society dedicated to a single discipline, with more than 158,000 members. More than 12,000 scientists are expected to attend the national meeting, and over 8,000 presentations ranging from drug discovery, energy and nanotechnology are slated to occur during the event. ABOUT MICROMERITICS ANALYTICAL SERVICES Micromeritics Analytical Services specializes in measuring physical properties of fine powders and solid materials. Specifically, MAS measures particle size distribution by laser light scattering, sedimentation, and electrical Sensing Zone techniques. They also measure BET surface area and pore-size distribution using gas adsorption, true volume by gas pycnometry, and pore-size distribution by mercury intrusion/extrusion. Micromeritics was formed back in 1962, and since then has earned an excellent reputation in material characterization. ABOUT MVA SCIENTIFIC CONSULTANTS MVA Scientific Consultants provides critical analysis and support for a variety of public and private sector interests through the use of electron and light microscopy. The Firm’s staff of world-class specialists offers over 100 years of combined experience in particle identification and source determination, materials characterization, and surface metrology. Clients from across the world seek out the Firm to help address unique challenges involving QA/QC, litigation, industrial hygiene, environmental forensics and a host of other issues. For additional information on MVA Scientific Consultants and its services, please visit: mvainc.com .