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Particulate Systems Granted Global Distribution

Particulate Systems Granted Exclusive Global Distribution of the Subsieve AutoSizer (SAS) - 2/25/2010

Particulate Systems, a brand of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, has been granted exclusive global distribution of the

H.E.L. Limited Subsieve AutoSizer starting February 2010.

The SAS analyzer is a modernized and improved version of the Fisher Model 95 Sub-Sieve Sizer. Capitalizing on H.E.L.’s extensive knowledge and experience in laboratory automation, the SAS has drastically improved the well-established air-permeability particle sizing technique. The instrument combines the benefits of true unattended operation, ease of use, touch-screen control, and data capture using H.E.L.’s proprietary WinISO software platform, an innovative development which sets a worldwide standard for instrument operation and system integration.



Air-permeability techniques generate average specific surface area data for powder samples. The specific surface area of particles has a significant impact on the physical properties of powders and has been the focus of much attention from pharmaceutical, paint, toner, and geological industries. The SAS has particular applicability to pharmaceutical quality control where quick and reproducible SAS specific surface area analyses can be used to control batch-to-batch variation in important properties such as bioavailability and drug delivery.


Patrick Wommack, General Manager for Particulate Systems comments, “Adding the H.E.L. Limited SAS to the Particulate Systems product portfolio is another collaboration which demonstrates to Micromeritics customers that we are committed to providing them additional analytical solutions which are synergistic with our core product line.”


For further information please contact:

Patrick Wommack, General Manager, Particulate Systems pat.wommack@micromeritics.com