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Safety Notice Concerning BOC Edwards Vacuum Pumps

Safety Notice Concerning BOC Edwards Vacuum Pumps - 7/12/2005

Micromeritics Instrument Corp. has been notified by BOC Edwards of a safety issue associated with BOC Edwards E2M0.7 and E2M1.5 series rotary vane vacuum pumps. Details of the safety issue and remedies are detailed in a BOC Edwards letter to Micromeritics customers. That letter can be accessed using the following link, BOC Edwards letter to Micromeritics customers. These types of pump are used with the following Micromeritics equipment and also are sold separately under the part numbers 062/00000/11 and 062/00000/23. ASAP 20xx series ASAP 24xx series Gemini series TriStar 3000 VacPrep 061 AutoPore 92--, 94-- and 95-- series As outlined in the referenced letter, a free upgrade kit is available from BOC Edwards. However, on the models ASAP 2000 and ASAP 2010, the pumps were modified by Micromeritics and a custom upgrade kit for these two product models can only be obtained through us. In order for Micromeritics or BOC Edwards to send you the correct retrofit kit, the pump code number and serial number must be reported. Both of these numbers are visible on the pump oil box label. To order capacitor retrofit kits for ASAP 2000 and ASAP 2010 instruments, use the following link Vacuum Pump Capacitor Replacement Kit. After completing and submitting the form, you will receive a reply with shipping information and expected delivery date. Use the following link to view the installation instructions for the 2000/2010 upgrade kit Vac Pump Capacitor Replacement Kit Instructions. To obtain capacitor retrofit kits for any other Micromeritics product, please get in touch with your local BOC Edwards contact. Details can be found using the Contact Us link on the bottom of the BOC Edwards website homepage.  If you have one or more of these pumps, an upgrade will be required to guarantee continued safe operation of the pump. To minimize risk of fire you must replace the capacitor or pump as soon as possible. Until you have replaced the capacitor or pump, you should ensure there is no flammable material in the vicinity of the pump and only continue to operate the pump when attended. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact us by phone at 1 (770) 662-3666.