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ASAP 2060-Bundle

ASAP 2060 Automatic Micropore Physisorption Analyzer Bundle with Sample Preparation System

The ASAP2060 performance bundle, provides the user with the necessary instrument, support parts and sample preparation device to begin analysis on installation. This bundle includes the Micromeritics FlowPrep sample prep device, which utilizes the principle of flowing gas for the degassing your sample prior to being analyzed.

System includes the following items:

ASAP 2060 Automatic Micropore Physisorption Analyzer

High-performance, single port adsorption analyzer producing high definition analytical measurements for the determination of specific surface area and pore size distribution from 3.5 to 5000 Angstroms by physical adsorption. Up to four instruments can be connected to a single Hybrid Turbo pumping station.

FlowPrep 060 Preparation Station

Concurrently outgas up to 6 samples by gas flow method.

Regulator Expansion Kit, 2-outlet

Expands regulator’s single outlet into two (2) outlets, each with an isolation valve.

Hybrid Turbo Pumping Station

Includes high vacuum pump and fore pump with 4 ft. Flex tubing for connection to ASAP 2060

Add units to increase throughput:

Sharing a turbo pumping station allows up to up to three additional units without adding the additional cost of multiple dedicated vacuum systems.