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AccuPyc II 1340 Solutions - High-Pressure

The AccuPyc II HP 1340 - High Pressure Density Measurement

The AccuPyc HP features a 100 cm3 sample capacity to determine the true volume and density of solids and powders at high pressures up to 500 psi.

The bundle includes both a Control and Analysis Module and can be operated in either a stand-alone configuration using the internal keypad on the control module, or controlled with a desktop computer. The Control module is cable connected to the analysis module permitting remote analysis if desired.


Reproducibility within +/- 0.04% nominal, full-scale cell chamber volume.


To within 0.1% of reading, plus 0.1% of sample capacity

Additional Features Include:

  • Two separate modules, one for control with keypad the other for analysis. Modules are connected via provided cabling. The AccuPyc II HP 1340 High Pressure Density Measurement
  • Sample chamber can accommodate samples up to 48mm in diameter and up to 60mm in length
  • Guaranteed reproducibility to within 0.04% full scale volume

  • Transducer zeroing, calibration and operation are controlled by internal computer
  • Can be connected directly to analytical balance for transfer of sample mass without transcription error
  • Programmable for automatic repeat measurements or for data acquisition under user-selected tolerances
  • User-programmable number of purges prior to analysis
  • ASCII output from serial port can be captured by computer and used as input to popular spreadsheet programs
  • Helium is recommended as analysis gas, but nitrogen or other gases may be used for special applications.