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Total Pore Volume and Total Porosity Measurements for Pharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical Ribbons

With the skeletal density measured by the AccuPyc included in the setup parameters for the envelope density, the GeoPyc will calculate and report the percent porosity and total pore volume of the ribbon. This information has proven to be useful in controlling the mechanical properties of the material, compression force settings on the roller compactor, and subsequent tablet press settings.

Tablet Press

Pharmaceutical scientists realize that many of the physical, mechanical, and pharmacokinetics properties of tablets are influenced by the basic settings of a tablet press. Using the AccuPyc coupled with the GeoPyc, scientists are now able to determine quickly and easily the skeletal density, envelope density, total pore volume, percent porosity, and closed-cell pore volume of tablets produced with varying press settings.

Solid Fraction Data for Roller Compaction

Solid Fraction is a control parameter used in roller compaction operations. This control parameter assists in determining the optimal setting for speed, compression and nip angle in the roller compactor. Using the Solid Fraction as part of your SOP will ensure consistent product batch to batch, along with the end product having the designed and desired performance.

AccuPyc/GeoPyc Porosity Bundle

While skeletal and envelope volume measurements are significant in their importance as individual capacities, their combination permits the pharmaceutical scientist to also accurately calculate percent porosity and total pore volume. With this data a process engineer or quality assurance scientist can have greater knowledge of their process for improvement in both quality of product and optimization of the manufacturing process.

GeoPyc 1365 Envelope Density Analyzer

The GeoPyc utilizes a quasi-fluid displacement medium composed of non-hazardous microspheres having a high degree of flowability that do not wet the sample or fill its pores.

  • Determines envelope volume and density of monolithic samples as well as bulk volume and density of powdered materials
  • A variety of sample chambers is available to accommodate a wide range of sample sizes
AccuPyc II 1345 and the GeoPyc 1365 bundle

AccuPyc II 1345 Gas Pycnometer

The AccuPyc II 1345 Series Pycnometers are fast, fully automatic pycnometers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and true density calculations. The instrument completes most sample analyses in less than three minutes without sacrificing accuracy or compromising sample integrity.

  • Non-destructives test with speed
    of analysis
  • Eliminate errors with programmable
    auto repeat and data acquisition to a selected SOP
  • Adaptable configuration to accommodate samples of varying volumes