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AccuPyc II 1345 Solutions - Temperature-Control


Intergrated Thermo-Electric Temperature Control Solution

Materials tend to expand as they are heated, causing the same mass to occupy an increasing volume, thus lowering the substances density. Materials subjected to changing temperature may have a direct effect on volume, affecting accurate density determination.

The AccuPyc II TEC features a Peltier thermoelectric device for precise temperature control and stability. This instrument is an excellent option for use with temperature sensitive or viscous samples where environmental temperature cannot be adequately controlled.

  • Accurate temperature control from
    15 – 36 °C (+/- 0.1 °C), adjustable in
    0.1 °C increments
  • Available in 10-cm3 and 100-cm3 AccuPyc II TEC models
  • Also available in an analysis module version for remote operation when utilizing the AccuPyc II control modul

AccuPyc II TEC Software Density Determination of Semi-Solid Bituminous Materials

This AccuPyc solution can be closely correlated (< 0.15% difference) to results obtained with ASTM Test Method D70-09.

The ASTM method is burdensome and time consuming. Our approach offers an expedited, more robust, operator-independent method, with results in minutes.

  • Reproducible results in minutes, virtually eliminates operator error
  • Integral solution with software for bituminous material testing includes results for specific gravity, volume, and density
  • Peltier thermoelectric control (10 to 60 °C) provides excellent temperature control/stability and sample handling
  • Disposable sample cups limit cross-contamination and minimize cleaning of sample chamber between analyses

Asphalt SampleAverage Density
AccuPyc II TEC
(n=11) (g/cc)
%Relative Standard
ASTM Method
D70-9 Density
Between Methods
Sample A1.019060.031.017580.1453
Sample B1.025430.031.025360.0067
Sample C1.018210.071.018480.0263
Sample D1.025630.091.025760.0125

Note: Samples varied in composition and viscosity

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