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AM Particle Shape

The shape of powder particles also influence the bulk packing and flow properties of a powder feedstock. Spherical particles are expected to arrange and pack more efficiently than non-symmetrical particles. Spherical shape facilitates the flowability of powders ensures more uniform powder layers in powder bed system. Shape also directly influences the powder bed packing density and subsequently the final products apparent density. Irregular shaped particles lower the final component density and lead to an increase in porosity.

The Micromeritics/Particulate Systems Particle Insight is a state-of-the art dynamic image analyzer. The dynamic image technique used by the Particle Insight captures and characterizes particles in motion providing critical shape information. Besides particle size, numerous shape parameters are obtained. As the images are captured, statistical data for all measurement parameters are calculated and recorded.
At the same time, thumbnail images of each particle are saved for post-analysis viewing and further data processing/optimization.
The Particle Insight offers up to 28 different shape parameters analyzed and reported in