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AutoChem 2950 HP Chemisorption Analyzer

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Superior Performance Under Extended Pressure

Micromeritics’ AutoChem 2950 HP Chemisorption Analyzer is an automated high-pressure catalyst characterization system that is capable of preparing and analyzing samples at elevated pressures up to 1000 psia and at temperatures from -100 to 1100 °C. The instrument can perform a variety of experiments including pulse chemisorption, BET surface area, temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), desorption (TPD), oxidation (TPO), and reaction analyses.

Equipped with many of the features of Micromeritics’ AutoChem II 2920, the AutoChem HP is suitable for a variety of applications including fuel cell and hydrogen storage research.

AutoChem 2950 HP

This microreactor, combined with a mass spectrometer, can also be used to determine product yields and catalytic activity under commercially viable conditions.

The use of a microreactor in the development process is a cost-effective alternative to pilot plants for many development projects. A microreactor is also an affordable option for small start-up companies that cannot afford to invest in a pilot plant to demonstrate their process.


  • Allows preparation and analysis of sample at pressures up to 1000 psia with built-in safety checks

  • Versatile analysis protocol permits complex sequencing and experimental design

  • In situ experiments with virtually unlimited steps

  • Records pressure as part of the experiment

  • Capable of TPD, TPR, TPO, BET, and pulse chemisorption

  • Three mass flow controllers and an electronically controlled pressure regulator provide precise gas control

  • Twelve gas inlets – four each for preparation, carrier, and loop gases

  • Stainless-steel sample tubes are capable of withstanding temperatures and pressures well above the system’s limits

  • An interactive reporting system that includes an extremely versatile graphic user interface allowing custom presentation of results

Bench-top Microreactor Suitable for a Variety of Applications

  • HPTPR (High-pressure TPR) to emulate a commercial activation of a supported metal catalyst

  • Fuel cell applications that require reforming hydrocarbon feeds to hydrogen

  • Hydrogen storage applications using mixed metal hydrides that change hydrogen capacity as temperature changes – the user can vary hydrogen pressure to determine storage capacity as a function of pressure

  • Simple chemical reactions where the product mix changes as a function of pressure – the AutoChem 2950 HP functions as a microreactor at typical process temperatures and pressures, allowing the user to collect reaction data at commercial conditions


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AutoChem Front View
with Furnace and
Kwik Cool
Left side panelStainless steel sample tube

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Since the 1960's Micromeritics has been modifying standard products and accessories to accommodate special needs. We have now expanded this service to include custom-designed analyzers and accessories.



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