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AutoChem 2950 HP Software and Reporting

The AutoChem 2950 HP is controlled by powerful Windows-based software. It provides all the convenient features you are accustomed to when using Windowsbased programs. Point-and-click operations, pull-down menus, access to multiple printers and network drives, multitasking capability, and much more are featured in the AutoChem 2950 HP user interface. In addition, the familiar Windows format reduces the time required for training new operators, resulting in fast start-up and increased productivity.

Additional Capabilities

  • An Instrument Schematic screen displays the instrument’s current operating status, including the availability of analysis and pretreatment gases and vapors, direction of the gas flow, TCD reading, and allows the operator to assume manual control of the instrument if desired.

  • Set up Analysis Protocol Sequencing from any number of preprogrammed experiments or create a customized sequence. The user can easily select the pretreatment and analysis task, and specify criteria such as temperature ramp rates, gas flow rates, and data measurement intervals in the desired sequence. Modifications may be made to the analysis protocol at any time, even during analysis.

  • Fully integrated, interactive peak editor package enables the user to evaluate results quickly and easily, edit peaks, and produce reports that reflect specific needs. Adjusting peak boundaries is a matter of simply pointing and clicking. The peak editor can also be used to de-convolute overlapping peaks. The peak de-convolution is a simple-to-use option on the peak space editor that allows the user to maximize the information.

  • Numerous plots can be overlaid for easy comparison of different samples or for comparison of different data reduction techniques applied to the same sample. The operator can also plot two externally derived signals against time or sample temperature (e.g., mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph).

  • Integration of mass spectrometer data files, which allows the manipulation of the TCD and mass spectrometer simultaneously.

  • One computer can control two Micromeritics AutoChem HP analyzers making efficient use of valuable lab space.