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Operational Safety



Triple Fail Safe - 1
Penetrometer Safety Cap
In case of operator error, this device prevents the penetrometer or rod being released from port unintentionally

AutoPore V Safety
Triple Fail Safe - 2
Interlock on locking Cap
Verifies that capacitance detector is installed on low-pressure port, automatically suspends run, and permits user to check filling of the penetrometer prior to run 

Triple Fail Safe - 3
System Pressure Vent on Manifold
Works in concert with Cap Interlock to automatically vent system pressure if above ambient pressure and error condition is detected

Mercury Vapor Detection Device
Handheld device to check localized mercury vapor levels that exceed defined safety limits. Portable device allows point checks at the instrument or any location within the lab exposed to mercury

Mercury Vapor Capture Filter 
Fixed to vacuum pump, this filter prevents release of mercury vapors. This is a superior and safersolution to cold trap dewars used in competitive instruments, particularly if the constantly evaporating cryogen level is insufἀciently maintained

Mercury Collection Trays
Safe collection of mercury for disposal in the case of compromised penetrometer seals or operator error resulting in broken penetrometers 

Improved Mercury Funnel design
Attached screw cap and funnel-shaped opening eliminates mercury contamination and possible drip-spillage associated with separate detached ἀlling funnel. Attached screw cap prevents loose cap and possible vapor release 

Software Control for Fine Powder Samples
Prevents fine powder from accidental aspiration into low-pressure ports during analysis by using intelligent evacuation controlled by sample type

Mercury Termperature Sensor
The ability to set a temperature limit in the software allows the display of a warning message if the temperature is exceeded