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Custom Engineered Products

We Can Help to Remove Your Analytical Barriers.

If your analytical measurement requirements cannot be met by any of our currently, commercially available products, Micromeritics is ready to assist you in developing a solution to meet your individual challenges.

We can modify, create, or re-design an instrument or software solution to meet your application.

Micromeritics’ design and development team has more cumulative years of experience in instrumentation than that of any other company providing the same or similar type products. This team works closely with each client to develop the specifics to create a custom solution to meet the specific application necessary for the data desired.

Hundreds of Custom Engineered Products and Software have been delivered.

Typical requests are for special data reduction and reporting software, enhanced detection sensitivity, the ability to accommodate samples of unusual shapes and sizes, and the capability to withstand corrosive materials or safely accommodate hazardous ones.

Whatever your need or application, our staff will work closely on your project from start to delivery of your custom product.

The Technical Team

Our staff of scientists and engineers comes from an array of disciplines including electrical, mechanical, software and chemical engineering, chemistry, physics and physical chemistry.

The Process

  • Place a call or send an email to your salesperson. Information is provided below. There are no charges or obligations associated with the initial consultation.
  • If deemed necessary, a non-disclosure agreement can be executed prior to discussions.
  • A short description of your objectives and difficulties will begin the conversation and details will be solicited as required to assure that we clearly and accurately understand your needs.

  • The Director will then determine if these requirements lie within our range of competencies and available resources.
  • Project costs and timing are then estimated, after which we will contact you to discuss pricing, project details, and scheduling.

    Again, there are no charges associated with any of the above steps.

Some Recent Customized Applications:

  • A device to measure the expansion and contraction of Polymers
  • Large volume (multiple liters) Helium Pcynometer
  • Enhanced corrosion resistant manifolds
  • Customized Data Calculations added to our standard MicroActive Data Software
  • High pressure vapor generator for use in chemisorption
  • Special designed filter assemblies for containing fine powder samples
  • Modified Sample Holder for lyophilization vials for surface area measurement
  • Sample tubes for surface area measurments of samples up to 40mm diameter

Please e-mail us directly at the address below, or if you prefer fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Primary Contact:

Graham Killip, Director of Product Pioneering
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
4356 Communications Drive Norcross, GA 30093-2901, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 (770) 662-3698