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Elzone Particle Size Analyzer Software and Reports

Superior Data Presentation Capability

Data Reduction and Presentation

  • Off-line software allows the user to work with data or design analysis protocols without being at the instrument.
  • Capability to cut and paste data tables and export data as spreadsheet and ASCII files.
  • Plot overlays make it possible to compare analysis results directly with the results of product standards or other analysis results.
  • The new Elzone allows you to read, reduce, and report data obtained from a previous Elzone. Additionally, you have the capability to read and overlay data from the SediGraph and the Saturn DigiSizers, and to read text data files.
  • Compare data from other instruments by reading formatted text files or by manually entering information.
  • Elzone II is fully compatible with International Standard ISO13319 Determination of particle size distribution –Electrical sensing zone method.

Confirm Software for the Elzone

The optional Confirm software addresses FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for submitting documentation in electronic form. Its features include assuring data security, maintenance of time-stamped audit trails, authority checks, password aging, and data reporting. You can rest assured that we have provided you with all of the features and tools necessary to maintain compliance with the highest level of data integrity possible. Service includes verification of instrument calibration and a comprehensive test of the complete system using established conditions and reference materials. If your company needs record-keeping and validation capabilities, Confirm software makes it extremely useful across all industries. It’s a great way for all companies to keep track of their data and provide verification of their analyses. - Confirm Brochure


Simultaneous analysis of 5 mono-disperse latex standards - Standards such as these are used to calibrate diameters determined using the Elzone II. Here the high degree of size resolution possible with the Elzone II is illustrated.


Complete analysis of broadly dispersed chocolate sample, a mixture of cocoa powder, sugar, and milk solids. Analysis data from three orifice tubes are merged together automatically by the Elzone II software.


Volume and number distributions calculated for an analysis of a commercial cornstarch. The number distribution is comparable to a microscope analysis. The volume distribution is comparable to the results from the other particle size analyzers such as the Micromeritics SediGraph and Saturn DigiSizer, or that from sieve analysis. Note that the Elzone II produces directly a number-based distribution. The equivalent spherical volume distribution is calculated from the number distribution.


Overlay of cumulative volume percent finer than diameter and volume frequency,for a medium garnet abrasive powder, analyzed with the Elzone II and the Micromeritics SediGraph. The Elzone II reporting system can report size distributions determined using other Micromeritics particle size analysis instruments such as the SediGraph and Saturn DigiSizer.