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Gemini VII 2390 Software and Reporting

Superior Data Presentation Capability

Operating Software

Gemini analyzers can be operated from a keypad by way of embedded software or from a computer using the more-powerful and versatile Gemini Windows optional software.

The embedded software includes:

  • System verification tests
  • Single- and Multipoint BET (Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller) surface area
  • Langmuir surface area
  • Total pore volume
  • Total micropore volume and area by the t-Plot method using Halsey, Harkins-Jura, or Carbon Black STSA thickness curves
  • Horvath-Kawazoe for micropore distribution
  • BJH pore size distribution using adsorption isotherm (Gemini 2390p and 2390t only)
  • BJH adsorption and desorption isotherm, 1000 data points (Gemini 2390t only)

Optional Gemini Windows Software

The easy-to-use Gemini Windows XP or Vista interface enhances the capabilities to plan, launch, and control the analysis. You can collect, organize, archive and reduce raw data, and store standardized sample information and analysis conditions for easy access during later applications. Finished reports may be generated to screen, paper, or to files in various formats. Features include cut-and-paste graphics and tables, scalable-and-editable graphs, and customizable report formats. Using computer control, you can operate up to four Gemini analyzers simultaneously from a single computer.

Gemini Windows Features

Gemini Windows software provides additional features not included with the embedded software.

As examples:

  • Installation and how-to videos
  • Reduction of user-entered data
  • Automatically generated pressure tables with user-selected endpoints
  • User-defined pressure table
  • Summary report
  • Sample log
  • Isotherm plot overlays
  • Autoscaling x- and y-axes
  • Cut-and-paste graphics and tables
  • Data export to ASCII and spreadsheet formats
  • User-defined thickness curve (manually entered or from data file)
  • Fixed pore size tables
  • Linear and log plots (isotherm, pore volume, pore area)
  • Cumulative and differential data
  • Broekhoff-de Boer thickness curve

21 CFR Part 11 Option

Also available is confirm™ software, which addresses the many requirements specified by 21 CFR Part 11 validation, security, audit trails, reporting, and more.



Micromeritics Gas Adsorption Reports:


Windows software with all Micromeritics’ gas adsorption instruments contains the following reports:

Isotherm Reports:

  • tabular
  • graphical
  • pressure composition isotherm

Isotherm modeling and surface area:
  • BET
  • Langmuir
  • Temkin
  • Freundlich

Standard isotherm models:
  • t-plot – micropore volume, micropore area, external surface area
  • alpha-s method
  • f-ratio method

Classic models for mesopore volume, area, and distribution:
  • BJH*
  • Dollimore-Heal*

Classic models for micropore distribution:
  • Dubinin-Radushkevich and Astakhov
  • Horvath-Kawazoe
  • Saito-Foley
  • Cheng-Yang
  • MP method

Density Functional Theory for pore size modeling:
  • Slit-shaped pores using N2, Ar, or CO
  • Cylindrical pores for alkaline- exchanged zeolites using N2 or Ar
  • Cylindrical pores for hydrogen- or ammonium-exchanged zeolites using N2 or Ar
  • Windows-shaped model for pillared clay

Density Functional Theory for surface energy:
  • Surface area and energy distributions using nitrogen at 77 K
  • Surface area and energy distributions using argon at 87 K

*BJH and Dollimore-Heal require the Gemini VII 2390t to take full advantage of pore size reports based upon the desorption isotherm





The Gemini VII 2390 Series analyzers provide rapid surface area analysis. The unique balanced design allows BET surface area to be measured using nitrogen for a broad range of materials. The Gemini offers precise measurements of low surface area materials using nitrogen. The determination of micropore volume, micropore surface area, and external surface area is available on all Gemini models using the standard t-plot calculations.


The Gemini VII 2390p includes a dedicated transducer for continuously monitoring the saturation pressure of the cryogenic bath. This allows the Gemini VII 2390p to rapidly measure adsorption isotherms and determine the pore volume, area, and size distribution of mesoporous materials.

The Gemini VII 2390t features extended operation to facilitate the determination of the total isotherm. Both adsorption and desorption measurements may be obtained; this allows users the capability to determine the pore volume, area, and size distributions using BJH or Dollimore-Heal reports.