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Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has an auxiliary selection of OEM laboratory instruments to complement its line of particle characterization products.
These products are sold under the umbrella brand, Particulate Systems

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Micromeritics is dedicated to advancing the science of particle characterization by identifying and soliciting new innovative instruments for the Particulate Systems brand. Small companies and independent innovators with novel instrument designs will benefit from Micromeritics’ extensive sales and support network while end users will be offered new and exciting technology that otherwise may have remained obscured by more prominent or better funded manufacturers. All instruments under the Particulate Systems brand will be supported in Micromeritics’ customary world-class manner.



ZetaSizer Dynamic Light Scattering System  - Instruments in the Zetasizer range are used to measure particle and molecular size from less than a nanometer to several microns using dynamic light scattering; zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility using electrophoretic light scattering; and molecular weight using static light scattering. The Zetasizer system is available in a range of variants, including the new Zetasizer Pro and Ultra. These two new systems offer unprecedented ease-of-use and flexibility, along with empowering user guidance and novel measurement techniques such as MADLS® and Particle Concentration.


The Sentinel Pro is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, may be critical information for predicting raw material quality and to maintain a high level of process control.
HPVA  II High Pressure Volumetric Analyzer - uses the static volumetric method to obtain high-pressure adsorption and desorption isotherms utilizing gases such as hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide
MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer  - detects and measures low levels of metallic iron content in sample materials.
PID Microactivity Reactor - also known as the Microactivity-Reference, is an advanced modular laboratory system for measuring the activity and selectivity of catalysts.
Micromeritics Limited Subsieve AutoSizer (SAS)- is a new addition to the established field of air-permeability particle sizing. It has been developed as a direct and improved successor to the widely used Fisher Model 95 Sub-Sieve Sizer (FSSS).
SPECTester Material Segregation Tester - Using state-of-the-art spectroscopic technology, the innovative SPECTester is capable of analyzing a sample comprised of up to six individual components and provides a simple report indicating why and how much the sample material is segregating. Fully automated, the instrument provides data about component concentrations, particle size differences, and product uniformity.
The SSSpinTester uses the science of centrifugal force to measure the unconfined yield strength of fine powders using a sample amount as small as 60 mg. This instrument provides measurements at forces in a range from as low as 0.05 kPa to as high as 72 kPa.
The Phenom ProX desktop SEM is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and EDS analysis system. The advanced system identifies different elements in a specimen by using the fully integrated Element Identification software and specially designed EDS detector. The optional Elemental Mapping and Line Scan software provides information on the distribution of elements within the sample or the selected line. The results of the analysis can easily be exported and reported.


For more information on these products, visit the Particulate Systems website. PARTICULATE SYSTEMS.COM
Micromeritics is dedicated to advancing the science of particle characterization by identifying and soliciting new innovative instruments for the Particulate Systems brand.