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Sample Preparation Systems for Particle Size Instruments: 


  • MasterTech 052
    Automatic sample preparation/feeding device with built-in stirrer and ultrasonic probe. Redisperses samples to their original dispersion and transfers the samples to the analyzer for analysis.

  • AquaPrep II - for the Saturn DigiSizer II
    Particle size measurement instruments typically employ deionized or even untreated water as a suspension medium for particle dispersion during analysis. Usually, this water contains undesirable levels of dissolved gases, most often those commonly present in the atmosphere. During analysis, these gases can come out of solution, forming minute bubbles that can have important effects on the analytical results. Regardless of the relative size of the bubbles, their presence distorts the reported distribution of sizes; it also degrades the repeatability of analyses.

  • ElectroPrep 053
    The Micromeritics ElectroPrep is a highly effective system for the preparation of contaminant- free electrolyte for use with the Elzone II and other instruments. If you are looking for an easy-to-use electrolyte filtering device to ensure high-quality particle size data, then Micromeritics’ new ElectroPrep 053 is a necessary addition to your laboratory.




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Since the 1960's Micromeritics has been modifying standard products and accessories to accommodate special needs. We have now expanded this service to include custom-designed analyzers and accessories.



A Note About 32- and 64-Bit Windows and Micromeritics' Software
Micromeritics products are designed to operate in most Microsoft Windows  environments. However, more current versions of Microsoft Windows, specifically the 64-bit version of Windows 7, lack some of the services once offered by Microsoft. Because of this, Micromeritics applications will not operate with 64-bit operating systems. Micromeritics software applications are directly compatible with 32-bit version operating systems only. In cases where a 64-bit operating system may be corporate-required or essential for running other software programs, Virtual PC software and a 32-bit operating system should be installed on the host computer (64 bit) as a guest operating system. This will allow proper installation and operation of the Micromeritics application.