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MasterTech 052 Automatic Sample Feeder

The new MasterTech 052 Autosampler increases sample throughput, improves reproducibility, and requires less operator time for particle size analysis with the SediGraph or the Saturn DigiSizer. The MasterTech Autosampler increases throughput by ensuring there is no lapse between the completion of one analysis and the beginning of the next. Reduced operator involvement not only limits the possibility of human error, but saves time and increases repeatability and reproducibility. You can queue up to 18 samples to run sequentially and completely unattended. Operation of the MasterTech is controlled by the instrument's operating software with dispersion and redispersion information automatically stored in the sample file for future reference. One computer can control two instruments, each with its own MasterTech automatic sample feeder. 

The MasterTech features a powerful ultrasonic probe. Power to the probe tip is adjustable and the driving circuit is self-tuning for maintaining efficient and consistent sonic energy from the input power. A digital readout on the front panel assures that the desired power is reached for dispersing each sample and that the same power is applied each time the method is repeated.

During operation, the tray is loaded with up to 18 beakers, each containing approximately 80 mL. When required, the tray may be removed from the instrument by pressing the LOAD button on the front panel. This raises the arm assembly to allow removal or replacement of the tray. When the tray is in place, the LOAD button is again pressed to signal the computer that the tray is in position and automatic analysis may proceed.

When the instrument is ready to analyze a sample, the tray will rotate until the selected sample is underneath the arm assembly. The arm assembly will then lower and stirring will start. It continues until the sample is thoroughly re-suspended. At a predetermined time, the ultrasonic probe can be activated to aid in dispersion. Once re-dispersion is complete, the MasterTech's built-in pump transfers the sample to the instrument where it is loaded into the mixing chamber. Analysis will now proceed automatically.

It is the same as if a human operator had filled the mixing chamber with predispersed sample. After the analysis is started, the MasterTech's stirrer rotor, ultrasonic probe and transfer tubing are all back-flushed with clean liquid and made ready for the next analysis cycle. The arm will raise so that the rinse liquid will remove any sample remaining on the stirrer rotor and probe, and in the transfer tube. When analysis is complete, the contents of the mixing chamber are pumped to the waste container, and the MasterTech will automatically proceed to the next sample. The process will continue without the need for operator intervention until the particle analysis system has completed all requested analyses.


MasterTech 052 Automatic Sample Feeder


  • Unattended Operation
  • Frees the operator to perform other tasks.
  • Sample Capacity
  • Allows up to 18 samples to be analyzed automatically.
  • Non-Sequential Operation
  • Operator can pre-program samples in any sequence.
  • Ease of Operation
  • Increases efficiency and throughput while decreasing the amount of operator intervention.
  • Mechanical Stirrer/Ultrasonic Probe
  • Provides automatic stirring action and redispersion of sample for a user-specified length of time.
  • Back-flushing
  • Prevents cross-contamination of sample by cleaning magnetic stirrer and sample-transfer tubing.
  • Removable Tray (Carousel)
  • Allows the operator to prepare samples on one tray while analyses on another tray are in progress.
  • Dust Shield
  • Prevents airborne particles from contaminating the sample.
  • Easy Installation
  • Connects to an already present connector on any SediGraph 5100. No modifications are required.

Sample Capacity:
18 per tray; continues indefinitely if tray is replenished

Sample Size:
0.5 to 4 g of powder in 60 to 80 mL of liquid

Sample Type:
Any suitable for SediGraph 5100 analysis

Suspending Liquid:
Any liquid compatible with sample cell materials and not highly absorptive of X-rays. Typical liquids are water, glycols, kerosene, mineral oils, alcohols, Sedisperse, and mineral spirits

Wetted Materials:
Glass, stainless steel, Viton®1, Tygon®2, Silicone rubber, Polypropylene

100, 120, 220 or 240 VAC +/- 10%

1.25 A (100/120 VAC); 0.75 A (220/240 VAC)

180 VA maximum

50/60 Hz

10 to 40 deg C operating; -10 to 55 deg C in storage or when shipped

20 to 80% relative (non-condensing)

68.6 cm (27 in.) maximum (at Load position)

45.7 cm (18 in.)

53.3 cm (21 in.)

18 kg (40 lbs)

1 Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.
2 Tygon® is a registered trademark of Norton Company.