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The topography of a surface is known to substantially affect the bulk properties of a material. Many times there is nanoscale morphology in surface anomalies and a desired interest in their resultant influence. This surface topography is mainly investigated and observed by microscopic measurements.

The characterization of surface topography has become increasingly important in many fields and through the increasing resolution and simplification of microscopic devices, such as SEM, (scanning electron microscopy), the move from sophisticated and dedicated operations to a benchtop, user friendly device has transformed the industry.

Best of Both Worlds

The Phenom World Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) product line was engineered from scratch not only to create the most versatile instrument to match the demand of an increasingly competitive scientific community, but to also create the most fulfilling experience for the user. One unique feature of the Phenom SEM products is the standard Backscatter Electron Detector (BSD). This allows the user to analyze both the topological and elemental characteristics of the sample in addition to several other post process analyses such as 3D surface reconstruction, pore size, particle size, and fiber analysis.